Yoga class in Hutton, Brentwood & Shenfield Essex

The above class is a remedial yoga class, either on chairs or on the floor, depending on ability.

Classes days & times

Wednesday : 10:00am - 11:30am

About the Yoga Classes

Hatha is great for beginners. The Hatha practice is where all yoga is derived from and is a wonderful place for beginners to start. You will learn basic poses, relaxation techniques and terminology that you will find in almost every other style of yoga.

What to wear - Hatha is recognized as a gentle style of yoga with a methodical pace between poses, so dress in something comfortable that will keep your muscles warm during the slower-paced moments in class. You can dress in both form-fitting and loose styles of clothing – whatever makes you feel most comfortable is best.

What to expect - In Hatha, you can expect a slower-paced practice that focuses on breathing and learning poses. Hatha yoga is a great place to learn; however, intermediate and advanced students can also push themselves by holding poses deeper and longer. Expect simple breathing exercises and possibly some seated meditation. Since Hatha can mean a lot of different things and classes will vary depending on your instructor, expect a bit of diversity when attending different Hatha classes.

What to Bring - Bring the yoga essentials to a Hatha class: a exercise mat and a blanket. Be prepared to work in bare-feet.

Find the Hall - Union church, roundwood avenue, hutton mount CM132NA

About hatha yoga

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